Know Us

Thank you is a group of super enthusiastic cause driven youth. We are eager to give back and contribute to the society and mankind. But at the same time we understand the need and requirement to survive in long run. So we are not a non-profit organisation. We are an organisation with cause. We want to identify research and work for certain social problems. We believe, we are not doing charity, we are serving god.

Our Story

We are best of friends from school life. Me a television actor. Amlan is a computer engineer. Raju is a human resource businessman. We are volunteers. The company is fuelled by Mrs. Paul. Our guardian angel. Who keeps track of our craziness and keeps us on track and maintains our company.

Me (sourav) and Amlan are from the same school. Baranagar Ram Krishna Mission high school. I guess the seed of serving a bigger cause was planted from there.

Swami Vivekananda said “ jib e prem kore jai jon

Sei jon sebiche iswar” (the soul who loves every human being, serves god.)

We were on a long drive to kolaghat on our fun ride. We stopped at a roadside tea stall.  The nature was rainy , and the sky was a treat to eyes. We were sipping tea and quenching our wander-thirst. Suddenly a little girl came. She was poor according to attire or hygiene and external appearance. She started asking us to buy his product. We were not in a mood. But her constant nagging made amlan pay attention. After a brief span (of 20 seconds) of silence, I looked at my corporate, senior computer engineer friend, I saw moist eyes.

It was a hand drawn aesthetically weak, less coloured, imperfect drawing of that girl on a piece of paper. I was awestruck. I wanted to take a look. I’ve never seen my dynamic friend to get emotional, even not before the statue of liberty, in any circumstance.

He handed a 100rs bill to the girl and started having a chit chat.  I was surprised and took (almost snatched) the piece of paper.  A happy family of a boy and his parents having ice cream and a little girl watching from a distance was the content of the drawing. The boy was holding a bunch of balloons. The girl’s dress was torn.

So it was a dream. On our way back it became our dream. We transformed our thought to a concept “thank u “.

It’s an e-commerce site. It creates and collects original art work from children with different challenges. Some suffer from social ignorance. Some face extreme health hazards.  But all of them have one thing in common. DREAMS.

We showcase their art work into different products. And with every product sold we generate revenue for supporting and empowering these fallen angles.