There are many organizations working to provide shelter and education to the destitute children. We try to extend our hand with our funds generated from each product sold from our e-commerce site. We guide our willing customers provide school uniform or new dresses before a festival or financial support for these children. We spread the information and need of these selfless institutions and help to create funds for their utilities.


Street Children

Street children face many most challenges just to survive. They neither get proper parental care nor nutrition. They don’t get education too. In early stages of life they are prone to addictions and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). We try to spread awareness and rehabilitation with the help of different organisations. Many of these children posses different artistic talent. We try to involve and encourage them to create artwork and sale them through our e-commerce site. The fund generated





autistic children are special. But they are very limited resource to explore their special abilities. We try to understand their dreams. We have started working for them too. Though it’s in primary stage now


Critically ill

Children in chronic or advanced conditions. We don’t know how many of them will be able to make it to their next birthday.

We aim to fulfill their wish to enrich the quality of their lives and to create everlasting meaningful memories. We don’t set perimeter to their dreams. Once we identify and understand their wish, we try to make it possible by all means. There is a tab on our e-commerce software which guides our customers to these wishes. We generate funds through their generosity. Sometimes we do it on our own or with the help of our friends.