October 30, 2017


I know you have given 10 Rs to a boy on a traffic signal. You have fed a boy asking for money. You have given new dress to a girl in need and loved the glitter in her eyes. You have bought books to a kid could not afford. You’ve realized what a million dollar smile is. It’s not a synthetic smile on a heroine endorsing synthetic soft drink. It’s the smile of innocence. We’re going far apart for our rat race. We’ve to climb the ladder of success; we’ve to satisfy our boss and family. Don’t you feel robotic and suffocated sometime! You get into forced charity for your interest. Again, it’s not helping.

Am I a religious guru? I will change everything with my magic spell! Or teach you how to live your own life! Hahahahaha!

I’m you. I go through some (if not all) of these every day. But I’ve a vent. I can flush my dissatisfaction through it.

It’s easy to live life in pieces. Fulfill someone else’s one dream. A small one, you can afford. Repeat it. See if anything is changing. Are you feeling good or not?  I can assure you my friend, it feels awesome.

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5 thoughts on “Contemplation

  1. All of your thought is really appreciable. Thanks to you all for your great initiative by which some unfortunate
    Children’s life can be changed.

  2. 1 life.. so why to stop us from living life a step beyond .. lets live it like a king.. very inspiring words dampi da 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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