October 30, 2017

Fault in our Stars

Do we remember the movie “the fault in our stars”? In 2014 when I saw it I was amazed, moved and touched.  It was a story of a teenage girl Hazel Grace. Hazel had cancer. She met Augustus, another teen age boy suffering from similar condition, and a marvellous journey began. No, I’m not going to talk about their journey. I’m going to talk about the concept of fulfilling wish the opportunity both of them had.

Now here is a similar story, Neha is a child of 7 years. She has critical health condition. But her most cherished wish was to play with snow.  An organisation comes forward like a ginni of Aladdin. They decide to full fill her wish. She was send to shimla. Her happiest moment was when she reached a spot full of snow. She jumped and played and soaked into the moment completely…That experience brought her strength and joy into her life.

We spend thousands on us and for our dear ones. We care for ourselves. It’s pretty natural.  But we live in a time where the world is a single village. Not divided into pieces.  So why don’t we start a journey of global happiness. Think. Feel. Be happy. Redefine your happiness!

What would have happened to Hazel and Augustus if there was no one feeling happy seeing them happy! How could Neha touch her dreams of playing with snow! No one knows how long these little ones are around us.  Who is going to step forward? We all care. But only our sentiments are not enough. We need to answer their dreams. We need to make it real. Everyone can be a Santa clause or Ginny of Aladdin. And trust me it, the feeling is awesome.

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