October 30, 2017

My Indian Dream

Hey, anyone seen the movie “Hindi medium”? Awesome no! Irfan nailed it.  The concept is so touchy that even the sarcasm was reaching my core. Yeah! That’s my India, the largest democracy of the world.  Here people can bet their lives for so little. Remember the sequence where the friend of Irfan jumps before the car for money? So that they can arrange money for Iran’s daughter’s admission!

We are quite familiar with the phrase “the American dream”. Today I dare to wish “the Indian dream”. Let’s accept a fact that discrimination will be there forever. But, is there nothing that can be changed?

We can keep on buying Levis jeans from shopping malls, we can sip cola or chilled Carlsberg, and we can keep on eating pizza! It does not need to change. But can we not think about people terribly needs our hand just to survive? Can’t we spend a little for them too? It may be equivalent to our one snack or a drink!

We know it’s a country where by just promising good future can make a politician the supremo of the country. We know every single bit of the society is corrupt. People who are supposed to bring the change to the nation are busy fishing profit from every possible way. 60% of the e resource invested goes to different fishing expeditions of these corrupt people. The mass remain in the same darkness.

I neither have an agenda of fighting corruption nor am I a social reformer. I’ve not vowed for a corruption free society. But I do   dare to make a difference.  Are you too? I’ve started my quest of figuring out how to fight poverty. How to enable myself as a useful tool?

I know, if I start thinking about a model of another charitable way, I shall lose interest in due course of time because I’m no different. I need to come up with something unique. I want to start working with children in need. Hunger, poverty, shelter, education, earning are the basic necessities.  But how to fight these demons? It’s a mammoth task.

I have questions and I’m trying to find answers.

Can art in any form be a solution? Well, I don’t know. But that something I can start with.  While writing, some ideas have started to blink and fade. I need to have something concrete. I’ve started thinking. Have you?


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