November 7, 2017


Sam meets with an unfortunate accident on 5th Avenue, Los Angles. A pedestrian sees calls 911. Paramedics come in an Ambulance. Sam goes to hospital.

Shyam meets with an accident on B.T.Road. Everyone see. Maintain their schedule. Some come for help. Some take photographs and posts immediately on face book. Shyam screams “thakur banchao” (save me God). God promised him to be by his side at war, in a forest, in water or jungle……… We can guess the consequences.

Sounds dark! Naaah. Here is some more. In the capital of the country a young girl gets gang raped by some monsters. Her boyfriend gets beaten to the blues. We read it on newspaper. Take pity on the poor girl. Her boyfriend tried to get help. He would have surely called for help from god! But the help didn’t arrive on time. But the boy had a phone.

We have more prophets than any other country, I bet.


  1. It is the 4th most dangerous country for women.
  2. It is one of the highest ranking countries in the world for the number of children suffering from malnutrition.
  3. IFPRI said, “India is ranked 100th among 119 countries, and the third highest score in all Asia in hunger index.  Obviously, it is better than Pakistan and Afghanistan. But they have only one prophet.
  4. At least 3,000 children die because of malnutrition and lack of food.

Cast is still pride or priviledge. Though every prophet said everyone is equal. But who gives a damn! Mahaprabhu srichaitonno Dev fought to demolish curse of cast. Mahavir taught to give up violence. Budhha told us about peace. Sri Krishna promised to protect us from evil. Though, Babri masjid was vandalised so that Sri Ramchandra birth place is restored.

But no one helps when I get robed by a burglar. I go to the cops and…….

I pay taxes not for good road or hospital. I pay taxes so that I can convince my bank for home loan. When there is an emergency I call my friends and prophets. My friends arrive. My prophet is busy solving bigger problems or extremely tired of previous day’s overtime.

What about self-proclaimed prophets! One is a superstar  perv. Another is a fantastic orator rapist. Another is a brilliant acrobat turned industrialist. Some of them are on newspapers too. They have managed and secured space on classifieds. They can change our destiny in a second. They can convince a girl I desire (what about the girl’s desire, great slogan for women empowerment. halleluiah.  I can be a chipo or an opposite to brave. But I have baba kaamdev. ) or kill my enemies (is damn easy to find a cheaper hit man who doesn’t even need gun) just like that. Then why are they on classifieds? They could have used telepathy and summoned me. Then why are they on cheap ground channels and yelling for half an hour continuously!

Please for god’s sake no more prophets. No more mantra. No more prayer for saving us from emergency. How can someone plan and execute my accident and take me to a hospital? If destiny is designed by him then why should he save me!  I need someone or something for my safety.

I need a 911. Do you?

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